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Watchdog Banchō

A letter from Mr. Osaki asks:
"How do I get rid of these nasty roaches?"
Easy! Just burn your house down!

Watchdog Banchō features a character named Jet, who is a bit surprised to see his old superior while on one of his patrols. His writing is inspired mainly by Jet Set Radio, as he'll talk about local delinquent gangs and how the interact with each other.

Jet was written in an afternoon as an example of how Ghosts don't have to be difficult to make to be fun. He was also the first Ghost I published using the CHIPS template.

To smooth the process out, I used the Wanko freeshell which sadly has no artist available to credit. It's a lovely shell with cute idle and talking animations.
You can find Watchdog Banchō's download here.


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