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Snake and Otacon Ukagaka

Otacon: What's wrong? Getting all friendly all of a sudden.
Solid Snake: Oh, nothing. I'm glad you're okay.
Otacon: You're strange...

This is a secondary homepage for my Snake and Otacon Ukagaka. Not sure what an Ukagaka/Ghost is? Check out this page here first!
Snake and Otacon boast a large amount of features, including numerous conversations they can have, different sets of clothes, Ukagaka tips for new users and in-character explanations of MGS history, an idle reward system, multiple minigames, and collectible items (some with sound)!
You can download them here: Download
You can see a couple demo GIFs of them in use here, too. Please note Otacon's turtleneck was not implemented. (Maybe another day?)
a GIF of Otacon swapping clothes. a GIF of Snake swapping clothes.

V 1.3.2.

- Attempted a fix for rare dialogue exceptions changing to the wrong surfaces when using Codec Search or Missions
- Due to rarity these states are difficult to test. Please report any instances you see, with the respective script log if possible. Thank you!
- Cleaned up code in various places
- Due to changing the backend, please let me know if anything breaks or acts unusually. Thank you!
- Added 3 new items
- Book Lot #1 can now be unlocked by gifting Snake books
- Don-chan plush can now be unlocked by playing games with Otacon
- Katsu-chan plush can be unlocked by beating the Drum hit score.
- Added reaction to OnNeedlePoke
- Disabled talking animations during narration.

V 1.3.1

- Added Snake Missions to Snake's Menu
- Two exclusive items may be brought back by Snake after missions, the Lewd poster and Cat poster
- May Award Affection
- New Interactions for Snake
- Added "Ask About Manhattan Tanker Incident"
- Added "Ask About Big Shell Incident"
- Added Codec Search to Otacon's Menu
- Two exclusive items may be uncovered in Codec Searches, the Metal Gear MK. II and MK. III
- May Award Currency, Otacoins
- Added Shop
- Four items exclusive to the shop, the Koromon Plush, the Kaomoji Plush, the Flipper Flop Plush and Anime Lot #1
- Shop will rotate items semi-randomly
- Added rewards for finishing FAQs
- REX Plush is awarded for finishing Snake's FAQ on Otacon
- RAY Plush is awarded for finishing Snake's FAQ on Big Shell
- Misc. Dialogue additions
- Fixed an issue where the Otaclock balloon would not be favored in the Balloon selection menu

V 1.2.1

- Switched from AYA to YAYA (Thank you, Zi!)
- Changed up Punching Mechanics
- Added Punching Config. You can now choose between four modes for punching: Confirm, Apologize, On, and Off
- Added Beginner Mode to be less intimidating to new Ukagaka users, and help guide them through their new program
- Added Two New Minigames! Check Otacon's menu
- Suit Speculation, a card suit guessing game
- Higher or Lower, a number guessing game
- New and Adjusted interactions for Snake
- "Ask About Jaeger" has been entirely reworked
- Added information about Operation Intrude inside of "Ask About Jaeger"
- Added "Ask About Love Life"
- Added "Ask About Liquid Snake"
- Added "Ask About Big Boss"
- Added "A Book" to gift section
- Misc. Dialogue additions
- Added more Animes Otacon can talk about
- Removed the Danganronpa dialogue, it feels a little out of place
- Replaced default shell to new art, old art can be found as an alternate shell, please note this shell may cause graphical issues with new content

V 1.1.1

- Installation Path Changed to "Snake_Otacon" instead of "Snake and Otacon". Previous name was proving to be incompatible with Github.
- Added Friendship System
- Snake and Otacon have individual variables for their friendships. Raise or lower these variables to access to things never seen before!
- Improved Menus
- Added New Menu Dialogue
- Added New Menu Options
- Added Snake Interact Menu
- Added Give Interaction. Give Cigarettes, Give Ration, Give Ketchup
- Added Ask Interaction. Ask About Shadow Moses Incident, Ask about Otacon, Ask about Jaeger
- Added Otacon Interact Menu
- Added Give Interaction. Give Cigarettes, Give Ration, Give Ketchup, Give Something Else?
- Added Play Interaction. Play Rock Paper Scissors
- Added Say Interaction. Say an Insult, Say A Compliment, Say A Joke
- Added New Dialogue Options
- Otacon can now randomly ask your opinions on things. Answer and gain a small friendship boost.
- Otacon's FAQ has additional questions. Unlock new questions by gaining friendship and encountering keywords in dialogue.
- Added New aitalk Dialogue and made revisions.
- Certain dialogues now have new prerequisites that must be met.
- Improved Snake surface1507 (Angry)
- Patched minor typos, word choices, and errors.
- Added cheat buttons for friendship variables. When in focus, press F7 to reset their friendships to 0, press F8 to decrease their friendship towards you by 1, press F9 to increase their friendship towards you by 1.
- For you devs: Finally got around to renaming their files with a prefix; .dic files like aitalk will now start with Sn_ , no more confusion when digging around!

V 1.0.1

-Minor bug and Typo Fixes
-New Dialogue
-FAQ and Usage Tips menu added to Otacon

V 1.0.0

-Initial release. Woohoo!


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