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A non-comprehensive glossary of Ukagaka related terms.

Term Definition
Balloon Shortening of the term 'Speech balloon'. Customizable area for a Ghost to display text in.
CHIPS Shorthand for the CHIPS Kawari Template ghost. Taken from the names of CHIPtest and Sentinel.
CROW Character Requested Operation Ware, an old Ghost baseware. No longer maintained.
Entry Kawari's method of holding data. Can act as a string, array, integer, function, etc.
Envelope English community term; Refers to a random list of words a Ghost can call on.
Freeshell An asset pack distributed freely for usage in Ghosts. Includes illustrations, and occasionally surface code.
Ghost A desktop agent commonly designed to entertain the user with conversation. Synonym with Ukagaka and Nanika.
GT Template Girl and Triangle Template, the first English template ghost. Written in YAYA, sometimes referred to as just "GT".
Kawari A Ghost coding language somewhat popular in the Japanese community. Uses a unique 'entry' system.
Kawari no Kawari A collection of Ghost Guides, with the SHIORI used being Kawari. It is the website you are currently on.
MATERIA The first Ghost baseware. No longer maintained.
MAYUNA The shell syntax specification for dress-up items.
NINIX A baseware for Linux. Abandoned in 2002.
NINIX-AYA A baseware for Linux, spiritual successor to NINIX. Last updated in early 2019.
Plugin Addons for SSP, to expand its capabilities. Not tied to any specific Ghost.
SAORI Additional scripts which expand a Ghost's capabilities beyond their SHIORI.
SERIKO The shell syntax specification for animations.
Shell The appearance for a Ghost. Multiple shells can be created for one Ghost.
SHIORI The event-processing programming of a Ghost. Could be thought of as a Ghost's "brain".
SSP Sakura Script Player, a baseware for running Ghosts. Also the most popular.
UDT Ukagaka Dream Team, the largest English community for Ghosts.
YAYA A Ghost coding language primarily used by the English community. Similar to C.


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Advanced Coding


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