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Guild Wars 2

Age no longer affects us dwarves. Erosion, however...
So you get smoother instead of wrinkling?

Guild Wars 2 is a popular MMO with horizontal progression. The content is about applying your skills in vast and varied ways, unlike vertical MMOs which focus on more powerful equipment.

I mostly play a low-intensity Reaper build, although Herald and Dragonhunter are elite specs I like a lot too. I like playing Charr the most. Open-world, fractals, and World versus World (WvW) are the gamemodes I enjoy the most, and my favorite maps are in Ascalon.

My tag is Okuajub.5380 ! I play as:

Should I Play GW2?

Guild Wars 2 is entirely free to try, and you can play the whole core story without paying any money at all. I like how friendly it is to people who only log in a few times a week, because my interests wax and wane constantly! If you would like to give it a try based on what I've said here, I highly recommend it.

Zagreus Mistgrave

Zagreus Mistgrave is my Charr Revenant. You can read more about him here.

Legionnaire Zagreus Mistgrave attempts to find ways for his bandmates to cope and function well, and positions where they best play to their strengths. Zagreus's flexibility and respect for each member makes him a popular legionnaire, but it can also slow decision-making down.

Zagreus is highly democratic and long debates can be held before he hears everyone out and comes to a conclusion. Only ideas contrasting his virtues excessively are not considered thoroughly. Due to their small band size, it is currently manageable but could easily get out of hand.


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