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CHIPS Kawari Template

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The CHIPtest and Sentinel (CHIPS) Kawari Template is an Ukagaka/Ghost template for the programming language Kawari. Kawari is a programming language popular in many early Japanese Ghosts, however it has seen little use in the English community due to the prominence of YAYA.

This template was intended to provide a unique option out of the currently available English templates, which, as of writing, require a notable amount of programming knowledge to use. CHIPS is designed as a 'middleware', which means there is a layer of software which separates the dialogue from the code in the Ghost. This allows the User to focus primarily on writing dialogue and not code.

You can download them here.

Special Thanks

The Ukagaka Dream Team, for your feedback.
The Kawari development team: NAKAUE.T (Meister), 偽Meister (夢乃), さとー, 酔狂, and さくらのにえ, for creating Kawari and documentation. ありがとうございました!
nikolat (Don), for their Kawari Ghosts, used in research for this project. ありがとうございました、Don!

Thank you all! I could not have done this without you.


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