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Nanika Atsume


Nanika Atsume is an Ukagaka. Not sure what an Ukagaka/Ghost is? Check out this page here first!
This Ghost's design references the popular phone app Neko Atsume. Put out food and the cats will come! There's six different cats that can visit you. Some of them only come for certain foods! So put out a variety.
You can download Nanika Atsume here: Download
Special Thanks to: GrayArea, adanteallegro, Galla, Zichqec, Aegisghosts and StrangelyKai for contributing cat names.
A screenshot of Nanika Atsume running. A cat stands beside a bowl of cat food.

V 1.0.1

- Fixed cat spawning and despawning issues (hopefully)
- 30 new idle dialogues
- New cat names (Thanks to: Aegisghosts and StrangelyKai!)
- Cat menus
- Network Updates implemented (try it yourself!)
- Misc. improvements

V 1.0.0

- Initial Release


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